Implementation,Monitoring and Evaluation

Vision 2030 Jamaica -
National Development Plan

Framework for Implementation

Vision 2030 Jamaica – National Development Plan will be implemented through a series of 3-yearly Medium Term Socio-Economic Policy Frameworks (MTFs) which is underpinned by a results-based monitoring and evaluation mechanism that establishes specific indicators and targets to measure and track performance. Thirty-one sector plans which were formulated by Task Forces comprising a wide array of professionals with sector-specific knowledge and experience, provide the framework for implementation at the sectoral level, and also represent the basis on which the various MTFs will be developed. The Plan will be implemented at the sectoral level by ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) of Government as well as civil society groups including NGOs, CBOs, the private sector and International Development Partners.

Given that Vision 2030 Jamaica is a long-term development plan, it is not practical to identify the total cost of implementation, nor all the performance measures, over 21 years. However, each 3-yearly MTF will include the priority programmes and projects for implementation of the Plan, along with project costs where available.

Framework for Monitoring and Evaluation

Vision 2030 Jamaica recognizes that monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are important components of successful national development planning exercises. Consequently, a robust results-based monitoring and evaluation system will be established to ensure that goals and outcomes of the Plan are achieved. This system will build on existing national and sectoral monitoring and evaluation frameworks. The Vision 2030 Jamaica monitoring system will be highly participatory and will involve the following stakeholders: Government; private sector; civil society; and international development partners (IDPs). The system defines roles and responsibilities at three levels: political, technical and consultative. At the highest level – the political level – are the Parliament and the Cabinet. These institutions provide legitimacy and political leadership to the system.
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