A Suh Granny Seh: Chicken Merry Hawk deh Near! (October, 2022)

A Suh Granny Seh:

Chicken Merry Hawk deh Near!

This Jamaican proverb means that as you enjoy yourself, you should be mindful of danger.

As a child growing up in a rural community in North West Clarendon, it was customary to hear my grandmother shout this proverb whenever we were playing, especially when we were at the heights of our merriment. Whenever she said it, a sudden feeling of impending doom would come over us, and we would decide to either stop or, if we continued, we were sure someone would get hurt.

As I got older, I realized that ‘hawks’ are out there and whether or not the ‘chicken’ was merry, once a hungry hawk spotted it, then the chicken would more than likely become the hawk’s meal. At least, the hawk would attempt to capture the chicken.

So as we go through life, we should be alert and be careful whether we are happy or not because predators (like the hawk) can spot vulnerabilities and attempt to make us preys. We should never avoid being happy. Be happy, celebrate but pay attention.

Writer: D-A Stern

Photograph contributed by Shennell Ramsey Photography.

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