A Vision For Jamaica

National Vision Statement

“Jamaica, the place of choice to live, work, raise families, and do business”

The Vision

From bustling townships and cities to the “irie” countryside, we are a people of tremendous God-given talent and potential. Out of diverse hardships we remain strong and deeply spiritual. Jamaica, an island gem basking in brilliant sunshine where cool waters cascade from the mountains to the fertile soils of the valleys below.

As a united family at home and abroad, we commit to a vision in which:

  • we ensure equitable access to modern education and training appropriate to the needs of each person and the nation
  • we provide quality and timely health care for the mental, physical and emotional well-being of our people
  • our children and our children’s children can continue to enjoy the unique environmental and cultural treasures of our island home
  • we seek out and support the entrepreneurial talents and creativity of our people
  • we create prosperity through the sustainable use and management of our natural resources 
  • we create and advance national prosperity and security by vigorously seeking, learning, generating, and applying scientific and technological knowledge
  • we provide full access to efficient and reliable infrastructure and services
  • we are the premier destination to visit and do business
  • we hold to and build on those positive core values and attitudes that have made us distinctly Jamaican
  • we resolve conflicts through dialogue and mediation
  • we treat each other with respect and dignity
  • we all have a meaningful voice in the decision-making of our country
  • we create a safe and secure society
  • we know our rights and responsibilities and stand equal before the law
  • our families contribute positively to the society and nurture, protect, encourage and support their members

We especially seek to create a secure future for our vulnerable population by ensuring that:

  • each child has equal opportunity to develop his or her full potential through access to the best care, affection and protection
  • our youth are empowered to contribute meaningfully in building and strengthening the communities to which they belong
  • our elderly and persons with disabilities are fully integrated within society, have access to appropriate care and support services and are treated as valuable human resources
  • no one falls into, or remains in poverty for lack of adequate support