Jamaica’s Development Results

Reports on Jamaica’s Development Results present information gathered from the monitoring and/or evaluation of performance towards achievement of the 2030 outcomes and goals.

Informed by lessons learned, the current structure of reporting, will take the form of:

  • Quarterly Updates
  • Annual Progress Reports
  • 3-Year Performance Reports (at the end of the period covered by each MTF)

The Quarterly and Annual Progress Reports are based on the monitoring of the National Outcome Indicators to measure progress towards the achievement of medium- and long- term development targets. The National Outcome Indicator Framework comprises national level outcome/impact indicators that are aligned to the National Results Framework, and the National Strategy Framework that is associated with policy-based programming/implementation guided by the Medium Term Socio-Economic Policy Framework (MTF). Medium-term and long-term/2030 targets and a baseline are used to measure progress towards the national goals and outcomes. Time series data starting from 2009 is being utilized to measure progress towards the long-term targets and outcomes; and data on a 2007 baseline year is also included.  The time series data will cover the entire period of Plan Implementation (2009-2030)

Currently, 75 quantitative indicators are being monitored. The medium-term targets represent intermediate outcomes for every 3-years, starting from 2009 when the implementation of Vision 2030 Jamaica commenced. The intermediate/medium-term 3-yearly targets represent milestones towards the long-term targets. To date, medium-term targets have been set for 2012, 2015, 2018, and 2021.   Also, targets are reviewed and at times revised to reflect the realities associated with crises and shocks, and other factors.

The majority of the indicators utilized to measure performance under Vision 2030 Jamaica are informed by annual data (calendar year).  However, the data to update indicators are available at different times with noteworthy lags in the availability of data for some indicators. This is owing to several factors, including different schedules for production, release and revision (for preliminary data) of data as well as challenges associated with funding and technical capacity which lead to inconsistent and unpredictable production of quality data. Hence, the data updates for each indicator are based on when data become available. Accordingly, Quarterly Updates, to an existing report template, are utilized to capture data when they become available. The Annual Progress Report is completed within 3 months of the end of each Fiscal Year (FY) based on the data available up to March of that year.

The 3-year Performance Report on the MTF includes quasi-evaluation data and information and provides more in-depth details on implementation, programme performance and the factors that have contributed to performance regarding the national outcomes and goals.