Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan – Vision 2030 Jamaica–National Development Plan (NDP)

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) under Vision 2030 Jamaica is based on a Results-Based M&E System.  The purpose of the various tenets of the System and how they are intended to function are articulated in the M&E Framework.  The M&E Plan states how all tenets of the M&E System will be integrated and applied through the implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities to achieve planned objectives.   It describes and explains the strategies and actions that will be utilized to monitor for efficiency and evaluate for effectiveness.  

The M&E Plan is responsive to the planned long-term development results and national and sector strategies that are to be engaged in national outcome monitoring and evaluation over the 21-year implementation period of Vision 2030 Jamaica. It also informs and is responsive to the medium-term results, strategies, and programmes/actions in the successive 3-year Medium Term Socio-Economic Policy Framework (MTF) that are to be engaged in programme and outcome monitoring and evaluation towards the achievement of the long-term goals and outcomes. The MTF is the strategic policy-driven framework for the implementation of Vision 2030 Jamaica. it also serves as the framework for implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Jamaica.  

The M&E Plan also identifies and states the application of operational processes and tools to meet the objective of M&E, particularly as it relates to monitoring and evaluation of development performance (efficiency, effectiveness, and relevance) based on the implementation of the MTF. These include how the following will be engaged and operationalized in M&E associated with MTF implementation:  

  • the subjects/units of observation and the objectives, resource and capacity needs, and plans for data collection, processing, analysis, and reporting
  • The integration of findings and lessons learned into medium-term strategic planning and prioritization which informs each successive MTF towards relevance, agility, and adaptation.  It also prescribes and/or guides the use of lessons learned complemented by data and information from other sources of evidence to review and update assumptions and the characterization of the development context towards assessments of the feasibility of achieving planned targets and continued relevance of strategies and programmes/actions.  This informs, among other processes, review and update of the Theory of Change.

The design and implementation of the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan for Vision 2030 Jamaica is coordinated by the Vision 2030 Jamaica Secretariat, Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ).  Multi-Stakeholder Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) serve as the main consultative mechanism to support M&E.  

The Vision 2030 Jamaica Secretariat is currently leading a process to strengthen/develop the Results-Based M&E System for Vision 2030 Jamaica.  This includes the strengthening of the Framework and Plan and integration of the SDGs as well as the development of an Online Monitoring Platform that will be launched in 2021. Stay tuned for more…