Social Marketing

An important component of the Social Marketing Strategy under Vision 2030 Jamaica is the promotion of Social Responsibility.   This encapsulates the integration of sustainable and inclusive development principles and approaches in individual, group and organizational/business practices. While this includes working with the local community, it also encompasses supporting initiatives towards social, economic and environmental development that benefits the country as a whole and helps to create an enabling environment for personal, business and general societal growth and development.  Social marketing that promotes social responsibility involves the equitable inclusion of all persons in development processes and as beneficiaries of development, with recognition that special/targeted focus should be given to those most vulnerable and marginalized, which includes the poor (including working poor), persons with disabilities (PWDs), children and youth, and the growing elderly population. 

Over the past five years, the Vision 2030 Jamaica Secretariat has participated in and sponsored a number of events, under its Social Responsibility Programme. Some of these events include:

  • The Vision 2030 Jamaica Children’s Treat 
  • International Coastal Clean-Up Day
  • Three Blood Drives
  • Sponsorship of the Corporate Social Responsibility Award at the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporter Association Annual Awards Banquet
  • Vision 2030 Jamaica ongoing “Beating Plastic Pollution Campaign”

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