“Sixty Ketch Up Wid Wi!” By: Collette Robinson (July, 2022)

Sixty Ketch Up Wid Wi!

By: Collette Robinson


Mama, sit down here under the shade

And tell me about the past…

Tell me the Jamaica journey

And how we reach right here at last!


Cutie chile, it come een so strange!

Me glad that me live fi see!

Likkle Jamaica what just born  t’odder day…..

Now Sixty ketch up wid wi!


And Mama, we seem to come a long way!

Through slavery and emancipation!

Then on to true Independence!

You  remember the celebration?


Cutie, I was dere in di middle

O’ di crowd and di nuff nuff excitement!

Me see when dem raise up wi flag deh!

And me dance and join in di merriment!

Everybody face did shine wid pride, girl!

And di band deh play fi wi own Anthem!

Wi future was at wi own feet chile!

Wid all wi hopes and wi dreams dem!


So how you feel right now, Mama?

Since you were around from the start?

How you think we progress as a people?

Talk the truth, from down in your  heart!


Cutie chile, just like a baby,

Wi grow and wi learn and expand!

Write wi owna history and kulcha!

And become known as a great likkle island!

Wi do well in agriculture and tourism

Reggae music and sports is wi fame!

Wi people dem strong and courageous!

And development is di name of the game!

What is more, wi mek social progress!

Far more than wi ever contemplated!

And you is a real good example

For yu black and yu free and eddicated!


Is really true you talking Mama!

And although the road was not easy!

The few grey hairs are a proud legacy!

For Sixty ketch up wid wi!!


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